I am a creative pixel pusher with 25+ years of experience in digital design

Combining a background in fine art and design with the technical expertise to bring ideas to life efficiently and successfully in the digital medium.


Every design task starts as a blank canvas. Gathering input and drafting a creative strategy is the first brush stroke. Next might entail sketching on paper, digitally wireframing, and layout prototyping. Look and feel is comprised of thought, emotion, visual design decisions targeted at eliciting a response and communicating an idea.

Color, texture, shape, pattern, typography, photography, illustration, flow, focus, opacity, overlay, depth; these are the tools with which design is brought to life. The web as a medium enables dynamic states of fluidity and responsiveness, potentially integrating motion and time with interactivity, ultimately all being rendered client-side under any of an infinite combination of human and technological conditions.


Logo, identity, branding design.

Discovery, interactive strategy, wireframing, user experience consideration, information architecture, user interface design.

Animation and motion graphics, web-based interactive and static video-based.

UX consulting for usability and accessibility

Digital photography, editing, correction, batch processing, web optimization.

General bitmap and vector-based graphics work, illustration, compositing.

Revamping, modernizing, and improving existing web site layouts, responsive design implementation.

Video editing, conversion, web deployment.


Utilizing the latest Adobe Creative Suite products:
Photoshop, Illustrator, Animate, InDesign, Premiere, After Effects, Audition, Acrobat