Veteran Code Artist and Pixel Craftsman


    • Senior Front End Developer and Creative Technologist, Ironistic
    • Freelance Designer and Web Developer
    • Digital Media Artist
    • Adobe Certified Instruction and Independent Training
    • Senior Creative Engineer, Front End, at Chicago/Milwaukee ad agency Laughlin Constable
    • Senior Front End Web Developer, Layer One Media / Red Arrow Labs
    • Adobe Certified Instruction and Independent Training
      • Adjunct Faculty, Art Institute of Colorado
      • Boulder Digital Arts
      • RealEyes Connect
      • GT Alliance
      • Ameriteach
      • Boulder Valley School District Lifelong Learning
      • Ledet
      • Against the Clock Publishing, Quamut / Barnes & Noble
  • PAST
    • Adjunct Faculty, Columbia College Chicago
    • Graphic Designer and Webmaster, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
    • Systems Administrator, Motorola Corporate
    • Network Administrator, PC Support Specialist, Webmaster, UW-Madison Division of Information Technology
  • Bachelor of Science in Fine Art, Graphic Design Concentration, University of Wisconsin - Madison


If you need a little design and, perhaps, a side of animation with that development, I’m your guy. I build race cars and web sites for responsive performance, paint in oils and pixels, and headbang out to the symphony of well-architected styles and scripts.

As a web hybrid designer and developer, I can fulfill a niche role in bridging the creative and technical space.

22 years of professional experience including teaching, freelancing, and full-time roles in the government, academic, digital and advertising agency areas.

Kelly McCormackSince an early age, I have always been interested in drawing and building things. I have a huge LEGO collection. My father, an architect, bought one of the first CAD systems in the early 80's, and the IBM PC XT we had at home became my portal to a whole new world. I had a book on programming games in BASIC in gradeschool, learned Pascal and Fortran in high school. I went to college for mechanical engineering, and soon realized that fine art and design were where my heart and mind were at. I studied drawing, painting, sculpture, metal working, typography, graphic design, 3D modelling and animation, multimedia, video editing, photography, and art history. During those formative years at UW-Madison, the web was born, and so my career began.

I've designed, built, and contributed to hundreds of web sites, and have taught hundreds of others how to do the same. In my fine art life, I have exhibited a few solo shows, participated in many juried gallery shows, and curated a show on creative digital photography at Boulder Digital Arts in 2013.